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AddonChat offers four editions of our Java Chat Software. Whether you need the free version to get your community started, or the Enterprise edition - a powerful, full featured chat system - we have a solution. Using the chart below, you can review and compare all of our available features and choose the one that best fits your budget and needs.

Click on any feature below, or use the icon to view a more detailed description. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Embeds on your own web site
You can add AddonChat Java Chat Software seamlessly to your own web site. Simply copy and paste a small piece of HTML code that we provide to give your site a full featured chat room. For an example of addonChat embedded on a web site, visit our live demo.
Instant (private) messaging
Optionally allow your users to send and receive person-to-person messages in your chat room. Instant message windows indicate when users are typing, and when they have closed their private message window or have logged out.
Easy to use web-based Control Panel
The addonChat web based control panel allows you to easily configure your chat room without editing HTML or using complicated codes.
Supports multiple languages
AddonChat is available in many different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Bulgarian, and Russian.
Profanity & Text filter
Restrict your users from using words of your choosing using the text filter. Use our built-in profanity filter, and/or add your own words and word fragments to filter the content you choose.
Resizable Float & dock
The float and dock feature allows your users to 'float' the chat room in a separate, resizable window. Control panel options allow you to automatically float the chat room after load or login.
Large and extra large icon sets
AddonChat offers three sizes of buttons and default images. Large icon sets may be used for the elderly, and visually impaired users.
User ignore feature
Users may easily ignore another user by selecting 'Ignore' next to the user name. The ignore feature blocks all public and private messages of the ignored user.
No web site required
No website? No problem! We'll provide you with a simple link to share with friends, family, customers, and associates so that they may reach your chat room.
Automatic URL & eMail recognition
Web sites and eMail addresses entered in the chat room or in private messages are automatically recognized, and display as a link that users may click on.
Unicode support
AddonChat Java Chat Software fully supports Unicode through the UTF-8 character encoding. This means that your users may have bilingual conversations, and may use special non-English characters with ease.
Integrates with many third party applications
Many third party applications support AddonChat through modules. These modules allow you to integrate many popular web based applications with addonChat. Modules are currently available for vBulletin, Drupal, aMember Pro, Invision Power Board, WowBB, phpBB, and more!
No advertising
Our Professional, Professional PLUS, and Enterprise editions contain no advertisements.
Free technical support
We provide fast and free technical support via eMail to our customers. Simply contact us with your question, and we'll get back to you ASAP!
Firewall friendly
Even users behind strict corporate firewalls will be able to enter your chat room using our firewall friendly web proxy. No special settings and no additional software to download - we'll automatically take care of your users who are unable to connect directly to our chat servers.
Unlimited number of rooms
Create as many rooms as you'd like for your users. Rooms may be public, or password protected. Enter another room simply by double clicking.
Powerful control over chat room look and feel
Your users will believe that they're using a custom built chat application designed specifically for you. AddonChat will seamlessly match the look and feel of your own site. Control virtually all aspects of layout, features, size, and functionality through the web based control panel. Enable or disable features with ease.
Brand by adding your own logo
Add your own GIF, JPEG, or PNG logo image to further match the look and feel of your chat room with your own site.
Customize colors
Virtually every AddonChat color may be customized to your choosing. Use a simple drop-down color selector to change your color scheme, or enter the HTML-style color codes that are used on your own site. Optionally, you may allow your users to select their own personal color as it is displayed in their own public and private messages.
Add your own emoticons
Use our built-in emoticons and/or your own GIF, JPEG, or PNG emoticon images to give your chat room even more personality. Now, when a user types :) - or any other trigger that you add - they'll see the image that you've added instead.
Add your own audio emoticons
Just like image emoticons, you may add your own WAV or AU emoticon sounds. Now, when a user types in any word of your choosing, they'll also hear the sound file that you've added.
Customize fonts
Prefer Verdana over Courier? Perhaps you like Comic Sans, Impact, and Tahoma. We provide over twenty different fonts you may choose from to further customize the look and feel of your chat room. Set individual fonts, styles, and sizes for every element in your chat room.
Customize buttons and icons
Although our stock button and icon sets are professionally designed and intuitive, we understand that you may prefer to use your own icons instead. We've made it easy to replace our default buttons and icons with your own GIF, JPEG, or PNG images using the web based control panel.
Customize event sounds
Want your users to be welcomed with applause when they enter? Perhaps you'd like to add a sci-fi sound to the float and dock feature. AddonChat allows you to easily add your own WAV or AU sound files to be played during certain chat room events.
Users may create public or private rooms
Optionally allow your users to create their own public, or password-protected private rooms.
Away mode
You may allow your users to change their online status to Away mode. A great way to let your other users know when someone has momentarily stepped away from the chat room.
Ignore private messages
Would some of your users prefer to simply ignore all private messages? With a simple click, your users can now opt to ignore all private messages sent to them.
Administrative controls
AddonChat offers an impressive set of powerful, administrative controls. Silence, Kick, and Ban users with ease. The addonChat web based control panel also provides an easy to use interface where you can add, edit, and remove banned IP addresses and entire subnets.
Unlimited Administrator Accounts
Give administrative privileges to users who may then assist you with managing your chat room. Add, edit, and remove as many administrators, and administrative usergroups as you'd like.
Unlimited User Accounts
Add, edit, and remove as many user accounts as you'd like. The addonChat user account manager allows you to edit a small user profile, and store administrative notes for each user account.
Optional shout filter
Nobody likes SHOUTING! Enable the addonChat shout filter to change 'HELLO THERE!' to 'Hello there!' automatically.
AddonChat usergroups allow you to organize your users by groups. With each group, set the specific features and permissions available to users who belong to that group. Create as many usergroups as you'd like.
Export user database
The built-in addonChat user database may be exported to and downloaded in CSV format so that you may locally manage your users in the spreadsheet or database of your choice.
Customize chat content formats
The style in which public and private messages are displayed within your chat room are easily customized using the web-based control panel with powerful HTML formatting.
Guest (global) password
Easily restrict guest access by setting a global password. Users who don't have accounts will then be required to enter the global password before being allowed into your chat room.
User database manager
Add, edit, find, and remove users and usergroups using our full-featured, and easy-to-use user database manager.
Custom user help link
Prefer to use a page on your own web site to provide your users with help? If you'd like users to be taken to your web page when they request help, we make it easy to specify your custom web link.
Optional idle timeout
Automatically log inactive users out of your chat room by setting the idle timeout.
Limit Message Length
Keep chat room messages pithy by limiting the length of messages entered in your chat room.
Deny multiple logins from same IP address
This optional feature ensures that users cannot login to your chat room using multiple accounts from the internet connection.
Optionally announce user ignores publicly
Publicly identify the users who are being ignored by other users with this feature.
Audio & visual message notifications
Audio notifications allow your users to hear a sound whenever a new message is entered into your chat room. This feature is a must have for users who frequently need to step away from their computer, or for users and customer support technicians using other applications. You may add your own WAV or AU sound file to customize the sound heard during audio notifications. The visual notification shows a popup window whenever a new message is entered into your chat room.
Virtual Web Tours
Give your users a virtual tour of your choice of web sites by automatically displaying them in a popup window on your users' web browsers.
Automatic login
Automatically log users into your chat room without requiring them to enter their username. This feature is frequently used for providing immediate, live customer support, or when integrating a chat room with a forum, community portal, or membership based web site.
Specify hours of operation
Optionally set the opening and closing times for each of your chat rooms.
Who's Chatting display
Allow your users to see who's chatting on your web site before they enter the chat room. If you'd prefer, you can show the amount of users chatting instead. The Who's Chatting display is highly customizable to seamlessly match the look and feel of your own web site.
Advanced client configuration
Our advanced client configuration settings are the last touch for a seamless integration with your site. Customize everything from text messages to the tiniest client setting using the Direct Settings feature.
Detailed transcripts (logs)
Professional PLUS and Enterprise customers may view, eMail, and download a detailed record of the activity in their chat room at any time. Your chat room's transcripts store all public and (optionally) private messages entered in your chat room. This feature is also available as a module.
Receive daily transcripts by eMail
Optionally have your transcripts eMailed to you at the end of each day. Transcripts can be sent in plain text, HTML, TSV, or CSV file formats.
User Self-Registration System
Allow your users to register for their own user accounts. When users click 'Register', they will be taken to a page where they may select the username and password they'd like to use in your chat room. You may choose to have eMail addresses verified automatically and/or manually or automatically approve new user registrations. This feature is also available as a module.
Carbon copy transcripts
Send your daily transcripts to additional eMail addresses.
Flood control
Server-side flood control ensures that your users do not attempt to abuse or spam your chat room. You may also set additional flood control options, including the message delay feature which prevents your users from entering additional messages for a specified period of time.
Customize user registration, lost password links
Prefer to use pages from your own web site to allow users to register for accounts and retrieve lost passwords? If you'd like users to be taken to your own web page when they wish to create a new user account or retrieve a lost password, we make it easy for you to specify your own custom web links.
User is typing indicator
See who's typing as they type! The typing indicator shows who is currently typing a message into your chat room. It may be shown in public or private chat. You may enable or disable this feature for each of your chat rooms.
Add your own background images
Add your own GIF, JPEG, or PNG background image to the chat room. You may add a background image for both the main chat display, and the login panel. You may position the background image anyway you'd like.
Enhanced user ban system
Our cookie ban system goes above and beyond standard IP address bans by storing a small piece of data on the offending user's browser to better ensure that the user doesn't return.
Individual word replacement
Replace words and word fragments entered in your chat room with alternate words of your choosing - a wonderful complement to the profanity filter!
Macros (canned messages)
Administrators and support technicians alike will appreciate the ability to quickly respond to users with pre-defined messages. Create as many macros as you'd like in the web based control panel, and specify whether they should be available to administrators only or to all users.
Customize remote site functions
Add profile, search, or webcam links to your userlist. Further integrate addonChat with your own web site by providing additional user and room functions. When selected, users will be taken to the web site that you have set. Advanced customers will appreciate the broad array of CGI values that we pass to your web site's scripts.
Remote (HTTP) authentication
If you have your own member database, you may take advantage of our advanced Remote Authentication System, or RAS. RAS allows you to authenticate access to your chat room from your own web site. Advanced customers may create a simple script, hosted on your web site, that tells our servers if a user should be allowed access to your chat room.
GEO Location
Choose to display the real-world geographic location (city, state and country) of each user as they enter the chat room. This information can be made visible to any or all user groups as you see fit. GEO Location may also be purchased as a module with non-Enterprise editions.
Add your own user avatars
Let your users show their personality with avatars! Your users may select any avatar you add as an image representation of themselves to be shown next to messages they type. Use our default set of avatars, or add your own GIF, JPEG or PNG avatar images.
Moderated events, guest speakers
Invite guest speakers and assign moderators to your chat rooms to host real-time celebrity events or to manually approve messages as they are entered in your chat rooms. Moderation give you absolute control over the messages that users enter into your chat room.
Display recently entered room messages upon login
For each of your rooms, you may opt to show a recent history of messages to your users - an excellent tool for users who've just logged in to catch up on the conversation. The recent room history module allows you to display up to the last 100 messages entered within any room.
Automatic login to specific room
Automatically log users into any chat room you'd like without requiring them to enter their username or password. Create as many web pages as you'd like, with addonChat embedded, and direct each one to a unique chat room to give your web site the illusion of offering multiple chat systems, all with one Enterprise addonChat account.
Real Time Logs
Monitor all content submitted to your chat room in real-time. A must for strictly monitored community chat rooms! Also available as a module.
User Profile System
Give your users the ability to create, edit and store their personal profiles in your chat room. The AddonChat Profile System puts you in complete control over which content users may store in their profile. Also available as a module.
Unlimited concurrent users
We place no limit on the amount of concurrent users that our Professional and Professional PLUS customers may have in their chat rooms. Due to the nature of moderated events, our Enterprise edition is offered in four separate versions ranging from 25 concurrent users to 200 concurrent users.
Additional Modules Available
Find the edition that best suits your budget and needs, then browse a variety of addonChat modules to choose from to further enhance your chat room. For a complete list and descriptions of the modules we offer, please visit our products page.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on all addonChat sales.
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