AddonChat is a full-featured HTML5 real-time Chat and Instant Messaging Solution. Provide Real Time Chat To Your Site's Visitors.
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An Introduction

Over the years we've collected many testimonials from our customers. These are a small sampling of those that we customers specifically gave us permission to quote. You'll note that some of the testimonials towards the end are missing a citation or are only referenced to a forum alias, but they're genuine- no really, they are!

OK - so this page could use some touch up work, but it's all self-serving anyway and you already know that. The best way to see if AddonChat works for you is to try it yourself and place it on your web site!

Customer Testimonials

After years of making do with various free chat software providers, finding AddonChat has finally allowed me to offer my visitors a professional, full featured chat at a price I can afford. And just when I think the product is as good as it can get, a new upgrade comes along to add even more great features. I've been running an online community for over 7 years and nothing I've added to my site has increased my traffic or improved my visitor to sale ratio as much as AddonChat has. - Carole, VPSingles

AddonChat has been a wonderful addition [to] our community. It allows us a chance to interact in ways the forum alone doesn't allow. AddonChat is also great, since it allows integration with our site's existing user database, thereby giving us greater control over who is able to acess our chat room. (We tend to be a shy/protective group) -

The perfect solution! I tried three different chat software products, but the only one which convinced me is AddonChat - Ismet,

Since the chat is an integral part of our site we needed something that was user friendly, easy to set up, hosted and offered unlimited simultaneous logins. AddonChat was the only chat software we found that met our needs.The customer support team is always quick and helpful in the event of a user having difficulties accessing the chat. And addonInteractive is constantly working on upgrading the software, using subscriber feedback as a basis for the upgrades. -

The free version of this chat room was great and what got me hooked. i am now using the professional version, and my members and myself love it. The colors were a big hit! Seems we are all children at heart, and all we want is a crayon to play with. I love the new additions which keep getting added as well... Never gets boring, and it's very exciting! The message board here is also wonderful, very clear and easy to use. The help is always wonderful. Keep up the great service! - Public Forum Posting.

Reading your newsletter, I was pleased to read the good work addonInteractive is doing. It's time to mention this on this forum. I use 2 pro services of addonInteractive and I'm very satisfied with your products (forum and chat) and the good service you are performing. Specially, I like to mention the services provided with this forum. So, THANKS for the outstanding services and keep up the good work. Taking care seriously of the problems, questions and ideas of customers is the key to great customer-satisfaction. addonInteractive performs what many other companies not do. Selling is one; providing (help)services is what counts! Saying this, doesn't mean that you now can sit down in a comfortable chair; OK, for a moment you can get the needed energy to keep up the good work. Greetings from a satisfied customer. - Tijmen, Forum Posting.

This is the only site for chat questions and products. A first class service. - Tenaki, Forum Posting.

We recently switched from a different chat client to addonInteractive Enterprise. Awsome features and looking forward to a long relationship! - Bob Norris, Bagpipe Chat.

You guys are doing a great job. I am using your professional chat room, and it's working really well for us. Many thanks. - Adrienne, Forum Posting.

Yes the best chat software I have seen and worth the money for sure! Keep up the good work guys. - Dave, Forum Posting.

We love AddonChat! We've met listeners from all over the world and get valuable realtime feedback on our programming! -

"Good Better Best, never let it rest, until your good be better and your better be your best!" --Unknown
Thats what addonInteractive seems to be doing! Just wanted to say, WAY TO GO... the new changes are wonderful, and greatly appreciated and welcomed. *nudge nudge* Keep em comin', eh? - Public Forum Posting.

BabyNames has integrated AddonChat with the vBulletin message board software to create a subscription-based community with over 750 paying members. -

My site uses your chat, I have to say it is one of the best I have come across. Even when we were using the free version it was great. - Jennifer, Forum Posting.

I co-run a website for spiritual development and use AddonChat for classes on various subjects such as healing and meditation. Before settling with AddonChat we had a good look around for a good affordable chatroom which offered multiple sub rooms, was fully customisable and easy for both administrators and members to use. On upgrading to the professional account and taking up the who's online module we have found it invaluable. It is reliable, very flexible and on the rare occasion we need assistance or have a problem the support is second to none. The float option allows us to hold webcam chats where users can place webcam windows around the floated AddonChat window, we have the who's online module in our members index so that members can see if the chatroom is active and also Administrators use it within our active desktops so that we can see who is in which enables us to look after our members. Also having additional sub rooms allows us to have different rooms for different classes.The co-founders of manticlight recommend AddonChat as an affordable, reliable and well supported service. We would like to thank them for the brilliant service they provide. - Jassie,

"And long live AddonChat!!" - CelticAngel, Forum Posting.

If there was a Nobel Prize for 'best company serving its customers', then addonInteractive would be going to Sweden soon to receive this prize...

Great job with the new chat room, it looks awesome.

It's working great on my site and my chatters are loving it! Terrific job, as usual!

Great Job addon' guys and I must agree that you guys take very good care of your clients and all rewards are in place...

Fantastic. Great new features...

I'm loving this new version!

As we say in England it's a good piece of kit

The new version is everything you promised... And it's wonderful, the best chat I ever found on the web. Thank you very much for your work and, also very important, your kindness...

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! You guys have done a spectacular job!! Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication

I have my own website and I have been looking for a great chat room. I have tried loads but I must say how easy AddonChat was to install. I had no problems, and what a brilliant chat room. Thanks.